Training Program in CBT

The Greek Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies- GACBP

GACBP was founded in 1994 in Thessaloniki with the aim of promoting CBT, and is a member of the European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT) since 1995. EABCT has more than 36 member associations with more than 25.000 members in almost all European countries, something that makes EABCT one of the largest psychotherapy associations in Europe (


A CBT training program according to EABCT

EABCT recommends the structure and content of a CBT training program and has elaborated the necessary criteria that a training program must meet in order to be accredited by EABCT.


A CBT training program according to EABCT must have two stages.

A. General treatment skills and understanding of psychopathology

B. Training in CBT: Theoretical understanding of the CBT model and acquisition of skills that are necessary for effective CBT clinical practice. This must include theoretical and clinical training.


a. Theoretical training (450 hours). It should include 200 hours of teaching provided directly by recognized cognitive behavior therapists - trainers on a recognized training program and 250 hours of training acquired by other means, like individual study, preparation of seminar presentations etc


b.Clinical training: It must be a significant part of the total training program and it comprises of supervised clinical practice, skills-based workshops, observation and clinical practice. In the clinical training phase 200 hours of supervised assessment and therapy are required. During this period, every trainee must treat a minimum of 8 cases (from assessment to the completion of treatment) with at least 3 different types of problems. Three of those cases will be closely supervised 


The training program of GACBP in CBT

The development of the GACBP CBT Training Program  was based on the recommendations and principles of the European Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT), so that it meets the EABCT criteria (Training Standards). As such, this training program can be accredited by EABCT. The graduates of this program become accredited as CBT therapists by GACBP and, hopefully, they  will also be accredited by EABCT (application for accreditation in process).


The training program is open to mental health professionals (like psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric residents) and the eligible candidates are also needed to hold the relevant license to practice their profession. Exceptionally, the program is also open to last year Psychology students, provided that by the end of the first year of their CBT training they will have graduated and hold the relevant license to practice Psychology.


Structure and duration of the program

The duration of the program is 3 years. The emphasis during the fisrt year of training is mainly on theoretical training, while from the second year on the program focuses on clinical work with progressively difficult cases. Nevertheless, the theoretical training continues during the second year of training, and also during the third year in the form of the Journal Club, and the time given to theoretical training progressively decreases.


Theoretical training is done mainly in the form of seminars where trainees present in a rotating way selected relevant CBT articles and book chapters. Trainees must have a very good knowledge of English since articles and book chapters for presentation are almost exclusively in English.  The above form of presentation does not only give the trainees the chance to become familiar with the English CBT literature and terminology, but also complies with the EABCT criterion of personal study hours.


During theoretical training, case reports and clinical vignettes from a variety of mental disorders are also presented, and time is also given to the related role play. Trainees are thus familiarized with the intake evaluation practice, appropriate diagnoses and differential diagnosis, the therapeutic relationship, and ultimately with the CBT therapeutic process. 


Meeting hours and days

Meeting hours are during late afternoon and early evening. There is a 5 academic hour meeting (17:00 to 21:15) preferably on Fridays for the first year, and a 4 academic hour meeting (18:00 to 21:15) preferably on Thursdays for the 2nd year. For both the first and the second year, there is also a Video-workshop meeting during weekends (9:00-14:00 on Saturday and on Sunday). Starting from January, these video workshops are organized once every month- the first weekend of the month for the first year, and the third weekend of the month for the second year.


There is a limited number of trainees for every year. The candidates must fill in their Application Form/ CV by pressing here.


Applicants will be seen in individual interviews where they must also submit a copy of their degree and a copy of their professional license.


Table 1. Summary of the GACBP CBT Training Program



Theoretical training


Skills training: Workshops (hours)

Skills training: Therapy


Supervision: Assessment (hours)




1st year







2nd year




100 (to 150)



3rd year











250 (to 300)



Total of theoretical training: 304 hours plus several additional hours (200?) of individual and group study, work on seminar presentation, writing up cases, as well as writing an extended case study or a relevant research dissertation

Total of supervised clinical practice (assessment and treatment): 200 hours


Total of skills training (Workshops and therapy/ without supervision) : 390-440 hours