Application for Accreditation

Accreditation applies to:
Α.GACBP members,
Β.that have paid their annual GACBP member fee, and
Γ.belong to one of the three categories described in the “Accreditation” web page

The accreditation cost is:
Α. one hundred Euro (€100) for the initial accreditation from GACBP
Β. twenty five Euro (€25) for the initial accreditation from EABCT (accreditation from GACBP is required)
Γ. twenty five Euro (€25) for re-accreditation from GACBP
Δ. EABCT has not yet defined the re-accreditation cost

The candidate for CBT accreditation must:
Α. fill in his application (download the application from here)
Β. send his application to the GACBP office, both electronically and by ground post,
Γ. sumbit to the EABCT office any document/ certificate (a copy and not the original) that supports his application for accreditation.

The Accreditation Committee will contact the applicant for any additional information, as well as to notify the applicant of its related to accreditation decision.

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