Application for Re-Accreditation

The re-accreditation procedure safeguards that any accredited CBT therapist continues his CBT training and his acquisition of new CBT knowledge (Continuous Professional Development).

The GACBP Accreditation Committee has decided that re-accreditation is necessary every five (5) years- this is a reasonable time frame for any CBT therapist to show that he is still dedicated to the application and progress of CBT.

For the sake of re-accreditation, every newly GACBP accredited (or re-accredited) therapist receives the CBT-Continuous Professional Development Specific Log (CBT-CPDSL).

In the CBT-CPDSL any CBT therapist writes down any activity that ascertains his continuous involvement in CBT and refers to:
Α.provision of clinical work
Β.participation in training as trainee (e.g. attendance of lectures/ seminars/ day events/ congresses/ workshops/clinical supervision)
Γ.participation in training as trainer and/or supervisor (e.g. presentation of lectures/ seminars/ day events/ congresses/ workshops/ clinical supervision),
Ε.publications (articles, book chapters, books)

The candidate for CBT re-accreditation submits to GACBP a) his application along with b) his CBT-CPDSL, as well as c) copies of all corresponding certificates (e.g. of attendance) for his re-accreditation.

The Accreditation Committee will contact the applicant for any additional information, as well as to notify the applicant of its related to accreditation decision.

Download the Application for Re-Accreditation - CBT-Continuous Professional Development Specific Log (CBT-CPDSL) from here

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